Child Custody and Visitation

Alpharetta Child Custody and Visitation LawyerMandatory Parenting Plans in Georgia Child Custody

Just as the income-sharing rules in the resolution of child support cases changed the rights and responsibilities of divorced parents in Georgia, mandatory parenting plans are now in effect in Georgia's family courts. To learn how your interests as a divorced or divorcing parent might be affected by this approach to child custody and visitation, contact the Alpharetta office of Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., and speak with Mr. Dobelstein directly.

Parents are required to plan carefully for their own child custody and visitation arrangements, while taking account of the legitimate interests of the other parent. Parties to a divorce or unmarried parents with child custody problems must file a parenting plan with the court that spells out how each parent will share access to their children.

In many situations, it will be possible for both parents to file a joint parenting plan, which will usually be approved by the court unless it is found to be harmful to the child's best interests. When the parents are unable to agree, however, each will need to file a competing plan with the court. The judge will then choose from between them, with findings of fact justifying the decision.

With more than 25 years of experience with the resolution of child custody disputes, North Atlanta divorce lawyer Ronald Dobelstein has the knowledge of family court procedures and the practical needs of divorcing parents necessary to give you a clear understanding of your rights while helping you to meet your objectives as a parent. He can also assist with high-conflict child custody disputes involving international or interstate relocation, domestic violence restraining orders, drug or alcohol problems, or parental alienation cases where one parent is undermining the authority of the other.

To learn more about your rights in any child custody or visitation dispute, or to find out how the new mandatory parenting plan procedures will affect the interests of you and your child, contact the office of Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C.

Grandparents' Rights

Where there is a pending custody case, divorce, paternity or others, by Georgia statute, grandparents can get involved to protect their rights to their grandchildren and the grandchildren's best interest.

Let attorney Dobelstein help you, a grandparent, secure rights to your grandchildren.

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